Eva-Marie Elg, also known as Emie, grew up on the outskirts of the town of Borlänge in Sweden. After leaving home at the age of 15 to study Radio, Video and Television, she attended Stockholm University and Uppsala University, where she studied Film Studies and English respectively.

She made her first short film, inspired by Swedish television and puppetry, at the age of seven, and continued making films on a small scale until she commenced her studies. Her involvement at this time in a local theatre group and a student radio station, combined with travel to countries such as Iceland, Japan, the US and India, helped to give her a greater breadth of experience.

After relocating to London in early 2003 she quickly set about making films here. These include Ichiai, A Trail of Pictures and Recognize Myself, details of which can be found in the projects section.

In 2009 she was one of 10 nominated directors to the prestigious 1 km Film scholarship at Stockholm Film Festival, following the success of her animation based on the comic by Kolbeinn Karlsson, Sleeping and Dreaming of Food. The same year she also executive produced the documentary Suburban Madness, that was shot in Brazil, and directed her next short film, The Theory, which she also wrote.

Recently, Emie has been exploring the fields of contemporary video art. Being an outspoken feminist and activist, she's found herself in need of further education and has studied Experimental Media Production, Feminist Film activism and Post-biopolitics. All of which touched upon topics such as post-colonialism and post-humanism to open her mind and creativity to new thoughts and ideas.